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The Corner Store Therapist

Acknowledging the Beauty in Our Community

The vision behind The Corner Store Therapist

The Corner Store Therapist seeks to provide Black healing, connection, and joy. As we deconstruct the monolith of Blackness, we must allow for all of our nuances to thrive. It’s crucial for us to be in charge of shaping our own narrative. This space was created for us to come to the table as our complete selves.

Being from the hood has always had a negative connotation, but we all know that’s a gaslight. The streets, the ghetto, the block, whatever you may call it has always been the pulse for culture and innovation. We know the power of our voices and want to build a community with intention. And we understand how crucial the corner store is for the streets. It’s the place that can always get you right, and we want to be that same resource for the community.

That’s why we started The Cornerstore Therapist. Through fashion, storytelling, wellness, and so much more, we look to explore all the realms of Blackness. We want to examine our generational relationships and stand on the revolutionary act of living.

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The Corner Store Therapist is a socially-focused lifestyle brand created to be the intersection of where vitality and community meet.

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