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Living to not just survive, but thrive Vitality. Nuturing intimacy for ourselves Eroticism. Building intention and growth Community. Time for a store run? Shop Now!

About the Brand

The Corner Store Therapist is a socially-focused lifestyle brand existing as the physical embodiment of a generational relationship between the streets and our local corner store owners. While based in Chicago, we encourage Black people worldwide to thrive in every aspect of their life. Through community building, we hope to bring both sustainable products and programming to enhance the culture surrounding us. Rooted in the belief that self-expression is the opportunity to achieve vitality within ourselves, we hope to explore all the realms of life and Blackness through liberation, eroticism, and building community.

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The duality of embracing the ingenuity of Black culture while acknowledging the obstacles embedded into Black spaces.

Aja Symone

Meet the Founder

The conception of The Corner Store Therapist came out of wanting a space to be my complete self. To have the ability to really live in the moment and not worrying about just surviving each moment to the next. I not only wanted that for myself but for everyone around me. To live with a choice of exploring who we wanted to be and not confined to the image that society defines us as.

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The Corner Store Therapist is a socially-focused lifestyle brand created to be the intersection of where vitality and community meet.

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